Review 1751 : Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught – English

Torture Rack is going to get tough.

Formed in the USA in 2012, the band comprising Jason (vocals/bass, Witch Vomit), Tony (guitar, Dagger Lust, Witch Vomit), Seth (drums, Cemetery Lust, Nekro Drunkz) and Pierce (guitar, Ænigmatum, Lord Gore, Skeletal Remains) announce the release of their third album, Primeval Onslaught, via 20 Buck Spin, followed by Pierce‘s departure.

With opening track Ceremonial Flesh Feast, the band immediately places us at the center of their wave of uncompromising Old School violence. Solid riffs leave a great place for the thick bass, while giving a groovy touch to the raw sound, that we also found on Decrepit Funeral Home, a catchy composition with a slightly more technical approach. Even so, the band allows wild leads to weave their way through the massive rhythm before Forced From The Pit unleashes its strength with energetic accelerations. Slower passages allow sharp leads or effective moshparts to appear, then Morning Star Massacre offers us a very short minute of jerky rage. Victims Of Inquisitors continues with fast riffs, then the band once again exploits slowness with a heavy greasy sound which allows a few bursts of energy, as on Bone Snare, which plays on a frantic blast to welcome bloody riffs. Fucked By Death skilfully injects a touch of Thrash into an already sticky sound, offering a savage and devastating approach but the track is short, and lets Impalement Storm strike us with its permanent aggression. A few furious leads join again, then Descent To Infernal Chasms unleashes a new blast of energetic riffs while remaining anchored to this Old School rhythmic approach, followed by Rotting Insignificance which closes the album while complying the band’s greasy raw touch to the letter.

Fans of Old School Death Metal will love Torture Rack. Primeval Onslaught is a block of raw wild and aggressive riffs we easily appreciate even after several listens!


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