Review 1757 : Hellwitch – Annihilational Intercention – English

Hellwitch is back to attack.

Formed in 1984 in the USA, the band led by Pat Ranieri (guitar/vocals) took a break between 1994 and 2004, before finally returning to continue their adventure. Alongside J.P. Brown (guitar, ex-Abysmal) and Brian Wilson (drums, Midnight Spell, Yngwie Malmsteen), the musician announced in 2023 the release of Annihilational Intercention, his third album, on Listenable Records.

Illustrated by Atterigner (Ante-Inferno, Asagraum, Devourment, Nattverd, Nordjevel…), the album reveals Solipsistic Immortality‘s Old School roots between Death and Thrash Metal, as well as an aggressive technical approach. The shrilling screams coupled with devastating riffs make an impact, followed by a similar rage on Delegated Disruption, the next track, which starts even faster and lacerates us with jerky sharp leads. Blast still reigns supreme while the insane guitars literally explode at every turn, allowing the vocalist to explore his abilities before Megalopalyptic Confine places a few calmer parts between two waves of complex crafted violence. Harmonics follow one another at high speed, before the band allows us a moment of respite with Sorcerous Imminence, a short epic interlude followed by Hellwitch, a new compendium of fury launched at full speed which lets the two guitars answer each other with technical patterns before slowing down to offer us heady melodies. The trio explodes again, then Epochal Cessation unveils new, razor-sharp riffs on which the musicians add Heavy influences which perfectly match their constant aggression. We also have more jerky raw passages, giving greater impact to sudden accelerations, as well as some heady melodies on Anthropophagi, which quickly give way to catchy riffs. Wrenching leads are also part of the program, creating a contrast between the beginning of the track and the rest, as At Rest chooses the path of violence to express itself. The track remains fairly rhythmic, thanks to raw and heavier groovy passages and cold melodies, before the album comes to an end with Torture Chamber, an abrasive composition which begins just after a horrific sample to offer us a final dose of violence with fast aggressive patterns.

If you like Thrash Metal’s raw violence, but also complex touches from Death Metal influences, Hellwitch will soon be on your playlist! The band skilfully exploits its Old School roots to turn every moment of Annihilational Intercention an as vivid as catchy wave of rage.


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