Review 1804 : Creeping Death – Boundless Domain – English

Creeping Death announce their second album.

Formed in 2015, the Texan band comprising Reese Alavi (vocals), Trey Pemberton (guitar), Rico Mejia (bass), Lincoln Mullins (drums, Fugitive, ex-Exploder) and A.J. Ross III (guitar, Kombat, Torture Tomb) announces in 2023 its signing to MNRK Heavy and the release of Boundless Domain.

The ominous intro to Boundless Domain, the first track, slowly echoes as it leads us into heavier, then ultimately more energetic riffs, accompanied by solid vocal parts. The catchy rhythm adopts some aggressive patterns and sharp leads, then the band welcomes the powerful voice of Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse, Paths of Possession, ex-Monstrosity…) who helps turn Intestinal Wrap into a hurricane of raw violence. The devastating groove and greasy Old School touch are back, before Vitrified Earth takes over with its ominous and impressive tones, on which vocals lead the charge, closely followed by the wrenching harmonics. The Parthian Shot follows with jerky riffs the band perfectly integrate with their vivid, crushing tones, under which we instinctively shake our head, especially during the final moshpart, then Creators Turn into Prey brings heady lead parts before letting pure rage express itself between two slower and more ominous moments. Cursed brings the rhythm up to speed once again with its waves of murderous double kick on which the musicians abuse their instruments to accompany thick howls while leaving room for tortured leads, while the band returns to occult sounds on Remnants of the Old Gods, which unveils a very dark first part before the riffs return to their original brutality with a jerky, highly rhythmic approach. These Old School influences are still at work with Looming, which skilfully places energetic accelerations throughout the track, then the sound gradually fades out to let The Common Breed bring the final outburst of fury thanks to catchy riffs naturally linked by these vindictive patterns, which nonetheless allow leads a few more intense passages.

Although rooted in effective Old School Death Metal, Creeping Death don’t hold back in adding diverse influences to give Boundless Domain a unique rhythm, making the album an as raw as polished treasure of violence.


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