Review 1813 : Organ Dealer – The Weight of Being – English

Organ Dealer feels alive.

Formed in 2013 in the USA, Trevor Graham (bass), Eric Schnee (drums), Jeffrey Knoblauch (guitar) and their new vocalist Chris Ward (vocals) are celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary with the release of The Weight of Being, their second album, on Everlasting Spew Records.

Twenty-one tracks in twenty-two minutes, which seems fairly decent for a Grindcore album, a style of which the band seem to be the perfect exponent. Unbridled blasts, barely intelligible screams and crunchy riffs launched at full speed, but the band also lets us enjoy a few slightly groovier parts on some of the « longer » tracks, such as Daily Existence or Expiration, the first track. In fact, none of the tracks is longer than 1min50, and the four musicians even deliver bursts that almost rival the Guinness Book record holders, such as the six seconds of Ignite Everything or the three short seconds of Catastrophic Misadventure, the last track. The band’s aggressive vocal parts multiply, while offering us the hope of a moment’s respite between each track, but it’s not happening.

If anyone asks you what Grindcore is, tell them to listen to The Weight of Being. The album is one of the most accomplished and shortest I’ve ever heard, letting Organ Dealer condense all its uncompromised violence.


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