Review 1827 : Balrogath – We Bring Calamity – English

Balrogath sow chaos with We Bring Calamity, their new EP!

After a debut album in 2022, the Canadian band featuring Chris « Warchanter » Saunders (guitar/vocals), Gray « Bladesinger » Panchuck (vocals), Jesse « Rhythm Warden » McCrank (drums) and T.J. « Loremaster » Riggins (bass) announce the release of their new EP.

Calamity, the first of the EP’s three tracks, reveals some ominous sounds first before letting the melodies wander around a dark voice which turns into a bestial scream followed by a catchy rhythm. Between solid Melodic Death Metal roots and heady Power Metal influences, the band carries us along in its furious charge, sometimes accompanied by majestic backing vocals, leading us to Of The Abyss and its gentle introduction, quickly disturbed by the raw elements etched with darkness. Clean voice becomes more prominent on this track, strengthening the contrast between the different elements of the band’s identity without ever denying the complex patterns before the final wave of rage, which will give birth to Endless Lifetime of Hate, the final composition. Leads quickly guide the way, offering epic parts to which vocals are grafted to create the most aggressive tones, whether on devastating verses or heavier passages.

With its three new compositions, Balrogath once again asserts the power of its mixing, which will satisfy both fans of epic melodies and catchy riffs. We Bring Calamity is just the beginning.


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