Review 1877 : Brujeria – Esto Es Brujeria – English

Brujeria is back in action.

Created in Mexico in 1989, the masked combo led by Juan Brujo (vocals), Pinche Peach (samples/vocals), Hongo (guitar/bass, Napalm Death, Insidious Disease, Lock Up, Venomous Concept… ) and Fantasma (bass/vocals), completed by El Sangrón (vocals), El Criminal (guitar, Criminal, Lock Up, Pentagram Chile) and La Encabronada (Alekhine’s Gun) renew their collaboration with Nuclear Blast in 2023 and announce the release of their sixth full-length, Esto es Brujeria.

Drums were recorded by Hongo Jr (Shining, ex-Ancient, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir…) and some bass tracks by El Cynico (Carcass).

The album opens with the chaotic newsflash of Esto Es, then the hurricane hits with blasts and vindictive screams, but also with much happier samples that provide some… unique contrast. El Patron del Reventon immediately takes over, offering raw effective Grindcore with simple but catchy riffs and the usual threatening rants in Spanish, before being resuscitated for a final burst, followed by Estado Profundo, with its motivating Old School tones conducive to wild mosh. Ominous vocals give the sound a heavy darkness before Bruja Encabronada introduces the new vocalist who brings her visceral touch to a devastating instrumental, while G A-K moves towards groovy, crushing Death Metal influences. Tu Vida Loca returns to its aggressive federative roots for the stage, creating an abrasive and heavy sound that the band slows down to make way for Mexorcista and its oppressive ambience. A few brighter waves appear between the jerky patterns, then Bestia De La Muerte gather their troops before striking with jerky riffs and a few backing vocals to accompany the main sound. The band keeps its brutal approach on Politicamente Correctos and its obvious message supported by powerful riffs, before letting Mochado kick off with a sampled argument, quickly followed by the usual firepower which will easily molest us. The rhythm section slows down once more to weigh down Perdido En El Espacio and give it mysterious tones, which perfectly blend with the more aggressive sounds as well as the strange final, leading us to Odio Que Amo, a fairly short composition that also takes its place in massive sounds. The lengthy Testamento 3. 0 takes us into unholy sonorities before finally returning to its waves of raw rage while retaining the darkness, which disappears on Covid-666, a lively heady anthem released three years ago. The band continues with Lord Nazi Ruso, which will once again get the crowds going as the vocalists rampage, whether the pace is fast or slow, before Cocaina brings the album to a close with dissonant but relatively heady riffs.

As we all know, a Brujeria album has to be chaotic. Esto Es Brujeria also follows the rule, offering sixteen compositions with a strong identity and powerful vocals that motivate us to break our necks.


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