Review 1895 : Desecresy – Deserted Realms – English

Desecresy continues its work.

Created in 2009 by Tommi Grönqvist (all instruments, ex-Slugathor) and Jarno Nurmi (vocals, Nowen, Serpent Ascending, ex-Nerlich, ex-Slugathor) in Finland, the duo immediately signed with Xtreem Music and released four albums, before going their separate ways. Tommi Grönqvist remains at the helm of the project, which continues as a one-man band, announcing the release of Deserted Realms, its eighth album, in 2023.

Approaching Sound is the first composition to reveal its strange tones, before the thick rhythm explodes with massive riffs and cavernous howls. The hypnotic leads also contribute to the track’s suffocating ambience, sometimes letting the musician accelerate, as on Spirits at the Cursed Ruins, where the charge leads us into a kind of mystical ritual. Saturation takes over again, while mysterious aerial parts are integrated into the dark mass to develop the unholy aura, until Dark Chambers offers its dissonant oppressive harmonics, which perfectly fit in the heady and relatively haunting rhythm that almost carries us too quickly to Green Monolith, which builds its own occult leads on a jerky basis. Vocal appearances seem almost ethereal between the raw slow tones, which gain momentum on this long solo before fading away as keyboards accompany us to the final, then on From Beneath the Horizon, which starts off at full speed. The rhythm slows down again to allow the leads to fly through the stale air, occasionally reviving some more energetic influences before The Cosmic Crypt places melancholic tones in its dark harmonics, sometimes complemented by relatively accessible melodies. Pure violence resurfaces on Shroud of Mist, which places more energetic riffs between two dark, soaring passages welcoming back cybernetic keyboards, before the album closes with Deserted Worlds and its post-apocalyptic ambience, where only leads and howls manage to resist the massive and martial rhythm before the sound definitely fades out.

The heaviness of Desecresy is only mitigated by the ghostly heady leads on Deserted Realms, making the album a veritable cloud of impressive, suffocating mist, within which the musician also places his terrifying howls.


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