Review 1907 : Capra – Errors – English

Capra continues on its journey.

Since being formed in 2016 by Jeremy Randazzo (drums) and Tyler Harper (guitar), the band recruited Trevor Alleman (bass) and Crow Lotus (vocals) before offering a debut album in 2021. After numerous live dates, they announce the release of Errors, their second album, on Metal Blade Records / Blacklight, accompanied by Dustin Coffman (Glassing) on backing vocals.

CHSF, the first track, immediately kicks off with a fix of pure energy with motivating Hardcore roots. The raw vocal parts perfectly fit in the track’s groovy devastating approach, followed by Tied Up and its Punk influences, which are skilfully coupled with solid abrasive saturation. The composition is quite short, and gradually slows down to become heavy and almost haunting before accelerating again for an explosive final, which leads us to Silana and its aggressive but relatively simple and catchy riffs. The band follows up with Trauma Bond and its slow, almost suffocating jerky rhythm, which suddenly speeds up to let the musicians go wild, but the frenzy eventually subsides before Loser takes over, setting heady and sometimes greasy tones. The introduction to Kingslayer, the longest track, slowly sets up its elements before blending Old School sounds with catchy Thrash patterns, particularly on the last part. The band welcomes Candace Kucsulain-Puopolo (Walls Of Jericho) on vocals on Human Commodity, the next track, and its tenfold violence makes it perfect for the stage, as does Transplant, which doesn’t waste a single second letting its scathing harmonics join an already angry rhythmic basis. The crushing moshpart only adds to the track’s strength, which is followed by the equally solid Obligatory Existence and its heavy, dissonance-laden riffs. The album comes to a close with Nora, a soaring Post-Rock composition that even lets a bit of clean sound join the last part of the track, for a gentle conclusion.

Capra is a true ball of energy that becomes as infectious as it is unstoppable once it gets going. Errors represents half an hour of rage, jerky riffs and aggressive influences that blend and explode throughout the album.


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