Review 1966 : Cruel Fate – Destin Cruel – English

The end is near for Cruel Fate.

Formed in Canada in 2015, the band currently comprising Claude Lecompte (guitar), Simon Bouchard (drums/bass), Manu Duval (vocals) and Martin Choquette (guitar) will sign to Personal Records in 2023 for the release of Destin Cruel, their second album.

The band attacks with Triomphe de la Mort, an initially eerie first track that features a calm introduction followed by the arrival of the imposing rhythm section, then the sound becomes more energetic as the vocals become part of the mix. The permanent darkness gives the track an oppressive feel, as does the unhealthy groove of Vampire Boréal, the next composition, which is immediately very catchy, but remains relatively short. The band does not wait to follow with Destin Cruel, revealing a contrast between the efficient rhythmic basis and the heavy Sludge-infused riffs that prove extremely heady before becoming more dissonant on the chorus, then Transit Sidéral, the long central track, grants us a moment’s respite by the fireside. The quietness is disturbed by a relatively airy, threatening sound, which transforms into dark waves where the vocal parts rage before Descente aux Enfers comes in with more lively riffs, preceded by a short sample. The bass plays a prominent role in the mix, letting its snores accompany sharper guitars and the occasional furious blast, before the more moderate final leads into Feu Christique, the album’s most changeable track. It gets off to a slow start, then accelerates as we welcome the raucous screams, before slowing down in the darkness and then putting into action that driving Old School rhythmic basis followed by an apocalyptic passage leading us into the explosive final, then onto L’Usurpateur, the final track, which wastes no time in starting to hit us with solid riffs, complemented at the end by an impressive gong.

Although rather short, Destin Cruel shows that Cruel Fate knows how to do things fast and well. The riffs remain rooted in a sticky oppressive Old School sound, feeding the ambient, dull darkness with ease.


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