Review 2002 : Cemetery Urn – Suffer the Fallen – English

Fifth chapter for Cemetery Urn.

With Suffer the Fallen, the Australian band led by Andrew Gillon (guitar, Abominator), joined here by Brandon Gawith (drums, Vahrzaw, ex-Eskhaton) and Chris Volcano (vocals, Abominator, ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Ignivomous) continue their adventure with Hells Headbangers Records.

The band strikes immediately with Damnation is in the Blood, a heap of heavy riffs, blasts and massive vociferations, letting its Old School mix make the blend as grimy as it is effective. Whether speeding along or letting the weighing Doom influences have their way, the sound remains abrasive, just like on Kill at a Distance and its unhealthy energy, which vomits a few sharp leads between two thick vocal parts. The approach remains aggressive with Savage Torment, a composition that literally oozes 90s Death Metal in its most virulent phases, but also knows how to place slow contemplative parts before letting Embers of the Burning Dead take its place by focusing on jerky harmonics. The musicians maintain a thick lively rhythm section to provide contrast and make every element stand out, including the chaotic part before the final that leads to Room of Depravity and its almost melancholic introduction. Without surprise, the band quickly brings in massive impressive riffs, as well as unexpected growls that integrate well with the slower parts before speeding off again on Suffer the Fallen, combining catchy rhythm, solid blast and the usual sultry vocal parts. Spikes of raw energy are also felt on this track, which is followed by the equally intense Compulsive Degradation, where screaming guitars meet a tireless rhythm section. The song comes to a sudden end, leaving the final track, It Will End in Death, to place its devastating basis under explosive guitars, taking advantage of the haunting middle section to suffocate us before storming off again.

Cemetery Urn‘s heavy riffs are rooted in solid, tried-and-tested Death Metal, but the addition of Doom influences makes Suffer the Fallen even more raw and massive.


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