Review 2011 : CaelumSun – A Sacrifice of This Treasure – English

I discovered CaelumSun a few months after the release of its first EP.

Created in Indonesia, the project of musician Agatha Tito (Numeron, ex-Grace) unveils A Sacrifice of This Treasure in February 2023 on Goak Records.

In the Sun’s Eclipse is the first to unveil its gentle airy Folk tones, before welcoming a guitar that leads us into Beneath the Touches of Warm Rays – Short Version, where the rhythm rages, accompanied by hazy but visceral howls. The scathing leads perfectly complement the fury of the frenzied riffs, which carry us along in their torrent of raw intensity, stopping only with the choirs of In Sadness Learn, the following track, which is again quickly adorned with its veil of terrifying darkness. A few harmonics escape the heady mix, which finally breaks to let us breathe before the guitar returns wrapped in keyboards, setting the atmosphere alight once again until Repeat it to the Living takes its place, welcoming Bagas Priyo (Grace). The guitarist places a few soaring leads, awaking a contrast with the creator’s rage, which anchors itself ever more firmly in this majestic darkness before a more soothing but dissonant finale before The Gates allows us a final break in the company of bewitching backing vocals. Quietude is snatched away in a final swirl of darkness on A Sacrifice, where the musician welcomes Andro Amanusa to bring the contrast to life between throbbing sonorities and an unfathomable basis from which screams naturally escape, interspersed with luminous peaks.

I’ve only heard very little about CaelumSun. A Sacrifice of This Treasure is a rich and intense EP from the musician himself. The sequel has already been announced, and if it’s of the same quality, the project will naturally find its place in the obscure landscape.


Version Française ?

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