Review 2016 : Cryptworm – Oozing Radioactive Vomition – English

Cryptworm crawls again.

Following the success of their debut album in 2022, the English band led by Tibor Hanyi (vocals/guitar, Coffinborn, Rothadás…) and supported by Joss Farrington (bass) and Jamie Wintle (drums), both members of Seprevation, close out 2023 with Oozing Radioactive Vomition, their second album, released via Me Saco Un Ojo, Pulverised and Extremely Rotten.

The trio attack with title track Oozing Radioactive Vomition, which immediately anchors the band in their sticky Death Metal accompanied by cavernous guttural vocals and screaming harmonics. Heavy riffs sometimes go wild and accelerate without warning, strengthening the track’s savage side, as on Organ Snatcher, which lets its blast express itself fully while the jerky base rages beneath the bestial growls. The composition remains rhythmic and well-constructed, taking us from eruptions of violence to more dissonant moments that also trouble Miasmatic Foetid Odour, a track that perfectly symbolizes the English band’s music, and which uses the same recipe to pour out its greasy putrid mix seeped with Death/Doom accents. Necrophagous follows with an equally massive sound populated by wrenching guitars that accompany the catchy wall of sound and its morbid accelerations before the band unveils curiously cheerful tones on Engulfed by Gurgling, the next track. Raw violence and fast grind-influenced parts also accelerate this sepulchral march of powerful riffs, and Submerged into Vile Repugnance brings the album to a close, as the band continue to pour out their aural grease, littered with saturation and steady pounding, whether at a frantic pace or a more groovy, moderate one.

As you’d expect, Cryptworm like to play with heavy greasy violence. Whether you’re new to the band or not, Oozing Radioactive Vomition won’t go easy on you, letting thick rhythm, dissonant leads and massive screams strike non-stop.


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