Review 2019 : Bergrizen – Die Falle – English

Bergrizen goes on the hunt.

Formed in 2007 in the Ukraine, the band created and led by Myrd’raal (vocals) unveils Die Falle, its seventh album, on Purity Through Fire.

The musician is accompanied on stage by Roman Korotkov (drums), DMNT (guitar), A. (bass) and V. D. (guitar), who helped him record this album along with Olgerd (keyboards, Kroda, Winterhorde) and Ogrim (guitar, Wolftomb).

After an icy but enchanting introduction, Ich Vergesse Nicht unveils its haunting melodies, quickly complemented by terrifying screams. Even during the passages where blast mercilessly reigns, the track seems to slowly move forward, taking advantage of its heady leads to develop its oppressive atmosphere between the various screams, while letting bass occupy an important place in the mix, creating an interesting contrast with the rawer sounds. The track finally fades out to make way for Ich Vergebe Nicht, a kind of spiritual sequel that first anchors itself in soothing sounds before suffocating us with its infernal saturation, whether slow or more lively. A few Old School patterns are integrated into the oppressive atmosphere to energize it at times, then it’s with ominous tones that the band tinges its rhythm towards the final, before turning to violence on Der Rituelle Mord (Öffnung Der Torre), which immediately transports us with its virulent charge. The morbid cries perfectly fit in the track’s aggression, as do the ethereal harmonics that lead into Die Falle (Der Wanderer 3), which echoes two of the project’s earlier tracks with its melancholy piano. Darkness explodes in an intense heart-rending blast that even lets a few stinging DSBM accents appear in the impressive mix before a majestic break, which once again leads us to this well of darkness that leads to Verschneite Winternacht, an enchanting outro with a few medieval tones, made up of various percussions and epic keyboards that carry us to silence.

Bergrizen‘s icy universe comes into its own on Die Falle, which locks us into its soaring tones, injecting melancholy, epic sounds and visceral howls at every turn. A true success.


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