Review 2023 : A Terre – 1944 – English

A Terre changes its way.

After their first two EPs, the band, comprising Grégoire Caussèque (vocals), Léo Lassalle Saint-Jean (guitar), Simon Casteran (guitar), Sébastien Bonneau (drums) and more recently Christian Simon (bass), unveiled the surprise release of 1944 at the end of 2023.

Eager to tell us a few war stories, the band attacks with BORDEAUX I Rafle I 10 janvier 1944, a first composition with a strange introduction between sizzling and intriguing noises, eventually giving way to cries of despair and screams. Saturation intensifies before giving way to BIARRITZ I Bombardement I 27 mars 1944, which brings its massive riffs into play more quickly, while giving them cybernetic tones tinged with effects of all kinds, creating a contrast with vocals’ fury. JURANÇON I Sabotage I 13 mai 1944 offers a few melancholic tones before a calm voice addresses us, still imbued with ominous effects that in the end give way to chaos before NORMANDIE I Débarquement I 06 juin 1944 takes its place, between Industrial beat and modern but cold Trap elements. A haunting guitar returns on MONT-DE-MARSAN I Libération I 21 août 1944, while the rhythm becomes more driving, not forgetting keyboards and cybernetic harmonics flying over the battlefield as the vocalist recounts his few verses.

After two EPs rooted in Sludge, Doom and Post-Hardcore, A Terre opts for a much more Industrial and experimental approach, creating a real caesura on 1944.


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