Review 2024 : Soul Incursion – Eternal Darkness – English

First EP for Finnish band Soul Incursion!

Formed in 2021, the band comprising Aleksi Mattila (bass/vocals, Brainspoon, ex-Grinding Fear), Oskar Bruun (guitar, ex-Grinding Fear), Henri Hirvonen (guitar, Decaying, Brainspoon, ex-Grinding Fear) and more recently Arttu Turunen (drums) unveil Eternal Darkness after two years’ work.

The band kicks off with Eternal Darkness, the eponymous title track, revealing energetic Death Metal with solid Thrash influences, accompanied by raucous vocals. Riffs quickly become catchy, letting the band steadily accelerate to more aggressive levels before placing melodious leads, then Screams Through Chasms follows with a fast-paced rhythm that easily lets the guitars spill their harmonics. The band multiply their catchy patterns before moving on to Dreams To Destroy, which takes a similar approach, but adds a heady groove to its riffs to give them a more impressive touch, while remaining on abrasive sounds coupled with massive screams. A few more piercing elements give relief to the thick basis, which finally leads to Abysmal Flames and its regular rhythmic pattern sprinkled with sharp leads that fit perfectly with the bursts of rage and raw power. Perpetual Wasteland, the final track, slowly unveils itself with a very progressive introduction, taking advantage of the composition’s length to place more haunting tones that also fit in well with their saturated sound before slowly fading out.

Death Metal holds no secrets for Soul Incursion. With their Old School approach, the band show that Eternal Darkness is a perfect first step into pure aggression, while still allowing themselves a few slower passages.


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