Review 2026 : Ringarë – Of Momentous Endless Night – English

Ringarë continues its inevitable rise.

Formed in the USA in 2004 as Ringar from the ashes of Troglodytic, the band released two demos and then fell into oblivion. 

The band awakened again in 2019 with a debut album, and it was four years later that Esoterica (guitar/bass, Ars Hmu, Chaos Moon, Xäxanu, Krieg, Nattfärd, Skáphe), Likpredikaren (vocals, Ars Hmu, Musmahhu, Nattfärd… ) and Jack Blackburn (drums, Chaos Moon, Entheogen, Skáphe, ex-Demon King, ex-Inferi, ex-Vital Remains…) unveil Of Momentous Endless Night, their third album, on Avantgarde Music.

The album kicks off with a storm of Usurping Dark Magicks, leading into its first waves of intoxicating occult-sounding melodies. The orchestrations perfectly sublimate the airy leads and the rawer basis led by lively and relatively well-worked drums, before visceral screams add their touch of darkness. The contrast between the different elements is perfectly balanced, sometimes even allowing the trio to add a majestic clear voice or a calmer passage to the surge, which quickly takes over again before an intense final that leads us to the equally virulent Shadow Coronation, which gets things off to a flying start. Unbridled riffs and impressive keyboards eventually let both saturated and unsaturated vocal parts emerge to give life to this painting of moving darkness that unfolds before our eyes to the rhythm of the furious jerky double kick. The sound steadily blazes upwards in intensity, before letting Of Mages and Mystics, the shortest of the compositions of almost six minutes, unveil soothing tones that eventually become overlaid with saturation while remaining relatively calm. The arrival of the vocals disturbs the quietness, which is shaken by deep bursts of rage before giving way to Blood Pact Vindication and its first haunting tones, quickly tinged by darkness and then accompanying icy vociferations. We also have hints of melancholy in the keyboards, which perfectly blend with the more aggressive elements, as well as with the more heady and sometimes even complex ones, which are scattered throughout until the track’s sudden end.

Ringarë sweeps us away without warning into its universe of darkness, majestic elements and visceral howls. Of Momentous Endless Night is a mental ballad through shadows and coldness like only a few others exist.


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