Review 2027 : Inner Light – Structure – English

Inner Light is not resting on its laurels.

In addition to concerts throughout the year, Marine (vocals), Tristan (guitar), Nicolas (guitar), Mathieu (bass) and Maxime (drums) unveil Structure, their second EP, just a few months after their first one.

The band attack with As One, a wave of raw power where frantic riffs and savage howls sometimes adopt heady melodies. A few backing vocals also appear, giving the track Hardcore tones before the moshpart rages on, just as it does on Gravity and its catchy groove, to which the band gives free rein. Some sharper harmonics appear from time to time to guide us to the heavy choruses, or to this surprising solo before The Voiceless takes its place to fuel the intensity. The track is often tinged with melancholy, which contrasts with the livelier and sometimes almost joyful parts, before becoming a bit haunting in the opening moments of Exist, which the drums eventually energize. These airy leads give the track its own personality, anchoring it in melancholy, before Circle brings the EP to a close, letting the energy flowing through its veins spill out as catchy, effective riffs rage in the company of leads and powerful vocal parts.

Inner Light is back with a second EP, Structure, which is just as effective as the first. Riffs remain rooted in steady, energetic Metalcore, with occasional melancholy or darker touches. I can’t wait to hear more!


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