Review 2028 : Sacrimoon – I’m Gonna Miss You – English

Sacrimoon cries again.

Founded in 2012 by Mexican musician Nergot (Ars Goecia, Broken Life, Lifeless…) joined two years later by Italian vocalist Kjiel (vocals/voice, Eyelessight, Lifeless, Notturno…), the band unveiled their third album, I’m Gonna Miss You, on Talheim Records in 2023.

The album begins melancholically with Y.O.U. (Years of Unhappiness), then the catchy patterns gradually fall into place before welcoming dissonant leads and desperate howls. The haunting tones disappear with Disconsolatenes and its faster riffs, leaving drums and sharp harmonics to combine, while the singer offers hazy cries to lead the charge, sometimes even in the absence of guitars to create a rawer sound, while Too Late to Be Saved, the next track, is much calmer. It remains anchored in this moody gripping atmosphere, playing on a slower tempo to build its oppression before breaking it on the finale, leading us into End Sweet End. The composition naturally returns to a contrast between the steady basis of intoxicating leads and the virulent cries of pain, then it’s with a screaming guitar that it leads us to Don’t Bring Me Back and its haunting riffs over which the vocalist rages or whispers. The band change their approach with Colgado de esta melancolía gris, starting to lull us with a soft melody in clean vocals, but the sound will obviously change over the course of these twelve minutes, as when vocals join the slow lament where a few samples also appear to twirl with the leads before joining the calm, then I’m Gonna Miss You, the eponymous track. There’s a Punk energy to which the musicians add their obvious touch of darkness, but they soon return to their usual sadness on The Unsent Letter, a final ten-minute composition where weeping complements the dissonance and howls to accompany us to the final sample that concludes the album.

Sacrimoon‘s sadness and darkness develop with an Old School, sometimes even simplistic approach to DSBM. I’m Gonna Miss You, however, speaks for itself, and the album is sure to appeal to the initiated.


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