Review 2029 : Locus Amoenus – ‘t Gloem heil – English

Locus Amoenus is back with ‘t Gloem heil, its new EP.

It comes just over two years after the second album by Dutch musician Misaer (live for Helleruin, ex-Förtvivlan, ex-Draugur…), accompanied this time by vocalist Ben de Graaff (Phlebotomized, Façade, Night of Suicide, ex-Sepiroth…).

‘t Gloem Heil, the eponymous track, unveils itself with a slow melancholic introduction before letting saturation adorn its haunting riffs, joined by cavernous, misty vociferations. The sound progresses in a slow Doom vein, at times overshadowed by penetrating Black influences that give relief to the oppressive march that eventually reaches Worgengel Wacht’s Daar and its torrential flood. Guitar and keyboards soon join in, before morbid vocal parts appear, followed by the ethereal rhythm and steady drumming, recreating the cocoon of suffocating darkness found on the first track. The torpor naturally settles in our minds, welcoming in turn sometimes morbid howls, clear parts and aerial elements before sinking into silence. The last track on the EP is a live recording of Thus Was It Written…, a composition featured on the project’s first album, which was recorded at Dutch Doom Days 2016 and which becomes much darker live, pouring out its darkness with screeching guitars and unhealthy screams while remaining anchored in an imposing slowness.

Locus Amoenus‘ tracks are very long, and they allow the musician to create his darkness in apathy and blackness. ‘t Gloem Heil will bewitch you, robbing you of your desire for freedom while clouding your mind.


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