Review 2033 : Morgue Terror – Morgue Terror – English

Morgue Terror comes to sow chaos.

Hailing from the USA, the band newly formed by Dave (guitar) and Steve (bass/vocals) is ready to unveil Morgue Terror, its debut EP.

Brian Mason (Contrarian, Sulaco) accompanies the band on the first two tracks.

Salt the Wound immediately puts us in the arena with its catchy Death Metal riffs and motivated screams. I’m not sure whether drums are over-mixed or guitars are under-mixed, but the strikes are too present on the more aggressive passages, like the central double-kick roll or the final that leads into Nighstalker, a much more dissonant composition that remains anchored in Old School roots and omnipresent drums. The regular growls remain effective, as do the tortured leads the band deploys on the second half of the track, before Broken, Beaten, Beheaded follows with a catchy jerky approach. We of course have some bloody harmonics between the raw riffs, which continue on Morbid Curiosities and its sudden acceleration imbued with energetic Thrash Metal destined to make us shake our heads. The tone becomes more groovy towards the end, then Chopped Up Chum returns to raw riffs coupled with an overdriven double kick and savage vociferations to close the EP.

Morgue Terror seems to have some interesting riffs, but they’re sometimes spoiled by a rather poorly managed drum mix, making the whole thing hard to hear. A pity, because Morgue Terror sounds promising.


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