Review 2039 : Lifesick – Love and Other Lies – English

Lifesick thrives on violence.

Recently signed to Metal Blade Records, the Danish band featuring Simon Shoshan (vocals), Nicolai Lindegaard (guitar), Nikolai Lund (guitar), Jeppe Løwe (drums) and Jeppe Riis Frausing (bass) will be releasing Love and Other Lies, their new EP, in early 2024.

Heralded as the direct follow-up to Misanthropy, their last album, the EP contains just three tracks. Every Unpleasant Emotion, the first one, surprises with its melodious acoustic introduction, followed by clean vocals giving this airy track sounds ranging from Blues to Post-Rock, while retaining a rocky, intense touch, before giving way to the unbridled violence on Rude Awakening, where they welcome Mark Whelan (Fuming Mouth). The band return to their metallic Hardcore and Crust roots with simple but catchy riffs accompanied by the vocalist’s vociferations, then the final moshpart leads us to Reverse Birth and its similar approach letting rage express itself with double kick and the jerky riffs’ virulent acceleration, accompanied by Todd Jones (Nails) who helps them spread all their dissonance.

Love and Other Lies is short, but it’s enough to give you a good idea of Lifesick‘s strength, whether with aggressive riffs or their airy little experimentation.


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