Review 2075 : Any Given Day – Limitless – English

Any Given Day are unleashing their full force once again with their new album.

Formed in 2012 in Germany, the band released a debut demo the same year. In 2024, Dennis Diehl (vocals), Andy Posdziech (guitar), Michael Golinski (bass/vocals), Dennis ter Schmitten (guitar/vocals) and their new drummer Leon Stiller (drums) announce the release of Limitless, their fourth album, via Arising Empire.

The album opens with the rousing Get That Done, whose upbeat leads contrast with the jerky rhythm and furious screams. Clean vocals turn into a slightly calmer chorus, and the duo join forces at times to create an interesting contrast, which is echoed on the energetic Unbreakable, where harmonics are also responsible for initiating the lull. The massive break will undoubtedly be responsible for crowd movements if the band adds it to its setlists, before moving on to the heady Limitless, where the vocal parts diversify a bit, offering some unifying parts. On Come Whatever May, the band offers a bluesy intro, but the raw roots quickly resurface to set the scene for lively, groovy riffs, while retaining their airy touch, before Apocalypse returns to the heavier side of things. The track does offer a few more streamlined passages, such as on the choruses, where the melodies float slowly before colliding again on Shockwave, leaving the riffs to become more complex and polished. The good mood resurfaces on Best Time, with its catchy rhythm topped by a few keyboards, then the drums literally burst into flames, pouring out their double kick to drive us into the short My Way, where the band don’t waste a single moment to let us enjoy their vindictive Hardcore roots run wild. The band call on their compatriots from Annisokay to give a visceral touch to H.A.T.E., a slightly different composition but which remains in both bands’ universe, alternating rage and soaring elements, then it’s with their usual groove that Broken Guardian take us along for the ride. The guitar is very melodic, flooding some moments with a reassuring softness that even carries through to the break before Shadow Walker lays its haunting veil over effective riffs, bringing this chapter to a close with slightly different sounds.

Any Given Day‘s reputation continues to grow with Limitless. The album is cleverly built, letting its audience breathe in due course before knocking them out again with powerful riffs and even a few little surprises.


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