Review 2087 : Cercenatory – Goresphere – English

Embark on a tour around Cercenatory‘s Goresphere.

Eight years after their debut album, the band comprising Fernando « FerGore » Álvarez (vocals), Adolfo « Executioner » Iglesias (bass), David « S’ngnac » Márquez (guitar) and Gerson « Gers Grind » Puello (drums) unveil their second album on Comatose Music.

Inspired by the heavyweights of Brutal Death Metal, the band begins with a half-religious, half-horrific sample entitled Devoured By Shadows: Annales Imminentis Exilium, before moving on to heavy, jerky riffs on Inquisitor Vortex Soul Torturing. Blasts and raw patterns complement each other perfectly under the bestial growls of the vocalist, leaving tortured harmonics to appear from time to time, as on Through The Deep Thoughts Of Tartarean Sadistic Cannibalism, which in turn aligns the most aggressive elements of the band’s style at full speed. The musicians give us a very short break before resuming with He, Who Stands Upon Holy Corpectomies, an equally devastating track with a relentless Old School mix that perfectly serves the riffs’ technicality. An apocalyptic sample takes over with Into The GoreSphere, leaving the screaming leads to express themselves once again on the track’s choppiest passages, which moles us non-stop before Infernal Festival Of Lecherous Dismemberment places its raw, devastating groove under an omnipresent drum kit that doesn’t spoil the other instruments’ strength. Horror returns with the introduction of Crucified, Gutted, Desecrated, followed by a new salvo of sadistic, uncompromising riffs, then the band wastes no time in trampling us with Macabre Trepanation Orgy In Hell’s Dungeons and its visceral accelerations. This track’s violence seems interminable, but Abyss Of Impaled Religious Incandescent Torches finally takes its place, spreading its own strikes and massive rhythm to the rhythm of ambient savagery, then it’s with Phalaris Bull Seraphic Extermination & Infinite Carnage that the band closes its album with a final torture session that highlights its complexity and power.

Cercenatory had kept a low profile, but the band’s return to the scene is marked by the rawest violence. Goresphere respects the codes of Old School Brutal Death Metal to the letter, with a few samples thrown in here and there to let us breathe between two devastating riffs.


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