Review 2096 : Wrang – Haatspraak – English

Wrang strikes back.

Two years after their last misdeed, the Dutch duo composed of Galgenvot (vocals/guitar/bass, Nevel) and Valr (drums, Bodyfarm, Weltschmerz) unveil Haatspraak, their new EP.

The band kicks things off with De cirkel vervolmaakt, a raw-sounding first track in which unleashed vocal parts meld clatteringly into the morbid Old School mix. Chilling melodies haunt the savage rhythm, giving it occasionally more majestic touches reinforced by intense vocals, before sinking back into the darkness to join Haatspraak, where the vocalist once again takes center stage on oppressive riffs. The steady pace allows the martial atmosphere to build up from time to time, or to place sharp, dissonant harmonics in contrast to the rocky, aggressive approach, before Bodemdrift takes the final place with a relatively similar pattern. There’s a more plaintive touch to the vocals, which at times tinge the rhythm with a gripping despair before letting it lacerate us again, even indulging in a catchy melody and clean vocals before charging in one last time, then fading out.

Wrang is a raw project, giving Haatspraak all the cards to unveil a striking Old School sound, whether in violence or intensity. The EP is straight to the point, and each of the three tracks has its own distinct identity.


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