Review 2104 : Blind Channel – EXIT EMOTIONS – English

Blind Channel is not about to stop!

Following the success of their previous opus, which took them on extensive tours of Europe and the USA, Joel Hokka (vocals), Niko Moilanen (vocals), Joonas Porko (guitar), Olli Matela (bass), Tommi Lalli (drums) and Aleksi Kaunisvesi (keyboards/samples) are back with EXIT EMOTIONS, their fifth album, released at Century Media.

The band immediately attack with the energetic Where’s the Exit, where the two vocalists go wild under a modern choppy rhythm. The calmer refrains are bound to unite on stage, as is Deadzone, with its dark Trap influences that fit in well with the band’s catchy approach, which doesn’t hesitate to create relatively simple rhythms to allow for effective vocal alternation, which also proves its worth on Wolves in California, mixing Rap phrasing, screams, backing vocals and a quieter clean voice. From Ashes to New joins the six musicians to give a different touch to XOXO, the following track, alternating atmospheres thanks to a natural collaboration, creating easily memorable refrains between two explosions, then the band returns to its modern and melancholic elements on Keeping it Surreal, where clean vocals are favored, giving the track a ballad-like feel. A few passages remain more intense, then it’s with English singer RØRY that the band brings Die Another Day to life, another very calm track where the voices blend skilfully to create a very spontaneous harmony. I thought Phobia would take more or less the same path, but the motivating tones quickly reappear to give the track regular boosts before Happy Doomsday ignites without delay, once again taking advantage of the vocal duo and backing vocals to leave us no respite under its explosive rhythm. The band follows up with Red Tail Lights and its joyful tones, retaining the infectious energy while wrapping the composition in airy keyboards, then darkens considerably with Not Your Bro, anchoring the composition in an almost ominous climate as the band recounts their friendly setbacks with heavy riffs, especially on the crushing break. Electronic sounds return on Flatline, a highly rhythmic composition where energy mixes with a few more soothing patterns, then the band closes its album with One Last Time… Again, a track where melancholy meets their jerky approach complemented by soaring parts, again reinforcing the pugnacious contrast until the strange final.

Blind Channel return to their much more energetic influences with EXIT EMOTIONS. Their new album still keeps a few more melodious passages, but one thing’s for sure: live shows are going to be stirring!


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