Review 2133 : Dödsrit – Nocturnal Will – English

Three years have passed for Dödsrit.

In 2024, Christoffer (vocals/guitar), Jelle (bass, Destructo, ex-Nuclear Devastation), Brendan (drums, Faceless Entity, Morvigor, ghUSa) and Georgios (guitar, Destructo, ex-Nuclear Devastation) unveil Nocturnal Will, the band’s fourth album, on Wolves of Hades.

Irjala, the band’s first composition, features a few heady melodies, but these are soon joined by a frantic rhythm and much more raw tones, in both the instrumental and the vocals. The alliance of these opposing elements is nonetheless highly catchy, allowing the band to intensify its violence or accompany its leads, even letting a soothing break unveil the final hurricane before Nocturnal Fire turns to a heady mix where rage and soaring harmonics challenge each other before letting wild Old School influences integrate the mix. The Crust basis still remains perfectly suited to the guitars, which dance together as they gradually subside, revealing a comforting atmosphere before the final solo, which leads us into Ember and Ash, a mysterious interlude. In less than a minute, it gives way to Utmed Gyllbergens Stig, a shorter instrumental track than the others, anchored in melodious, worked-out roots while ensuring an effective rhythmic, which will create an intense contrast with its melancholy final followed by As Death Comes Reaping and its pessimistic approach to oppressive Black Metal. Of course, the sound softens at times, leaving pure intensity to unbridled explosion, while more hypnotic patterns temporize the aggression by drowning it in leads before leading us to Celestial Will, the final composition, where fury resurfaces once more to let us survey these cold, cutting riffs governed by hoarse but extremely demonstrative vocal parts, followed by an epic end.

Dödsrit once again steps off the beaten track to offer us a much more melodic approach with Nocturnal Will. The aggressive, abrasive elements are as present as ever, but it’s impossible not to get caught up in the intoxicating haze.


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