Review 2143 : Udåd – Udåd – English

Udåd has just emerged.

Created by Norwegian musician Thomas Eriksen (Mork, Pale Kids…), the project returns to the roots of Black Metal with the release of Udåd, on Peaceville Records.

The album kicks off with the raw sound of Den Evindelige Ende, a first track that immediately reveals its dissonant melodies rooted in a certain melancholy, before letting Bakenfor Urskogens Utkant reveal its icy hazy approach. The ghostly howls strengthen the composition’s mysterious and frightening aspect, which is anchored in impenetrable darkness while Avgudsdyrker is much more haunting and disquieting, creating a real veil strengthened by the harsh mix and heady harmonics. The mournful tones are echoed in Blodnatten, the next track, which places its airy leads before shrouding us in its rhythmic populated by screams that gradually lead us into more jerky, energetic patterns, just as on Den Virkelige Apokryf, which begins at full speed. Here we find Black Metal’s epic bellicose roots in their purest (im)form, while Vondskapens Triumf thrives on anguish and icy tones, creating a veritable wall of oppression with its tormented riffs. The solo adds a more luminous touch with almost majestic influences, before continuing on Kald Iver to develop its more distant, atmospheric elements, while allowing bass a certain freedom. The album comes to a close with Antropofagens Hunger, which gradually opens the doors to its vortex of darkness, punctuated at times by moments of buoyancy that carry our minds to the very edge of silence.

Although I’m used to hazy Old School mixes, I was very surprised by Udåd‘s approach. Far from today’s standards, Udåd is an album that respects its roots, and if you take the time to get used to it, it will reveal its dark beauty.


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