Review 2150 : Wrektomb – Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing

Wrektomb sign their second EP.

After a debut effort in 2021, Armlos (vocals), Nekrostoff (instruments/vocals), Dieter Itis (drums) and Vera Kätzin sign with Personal Records for the release of Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing.

We start with Gored Into Reality, where greasy heady riffs follow animal cries before letting a few leads reinforce the melancholy. The jerky foggy sound easily mesmerizes us as the vocalist unleashes his slow, cavernous vociferations, before the rhythm picks up the pace on Unexpected Encounters with Nature, where cooler harmonics blend perfectly with the more majestic passages. The keyboards also add a few brighter touches that lend a soaring beauty to these gloomy tones, while Quantumcreep develops slightly more modern and mysterious influences, almost ominous thanks to the guitars. However, the band knows how to set a catchy tone for this neurotic march, which eventually dies at the foot of the chorus before resuming in equally tortured form on Society Supported Psychopaths and its intriguing, uniquely-sounding dissonant leads that run through the advance. These haunting parts are highly disturbing, but they stick to the occult approach of the composition, which eventually leads us to This Decay of Me, the last and longest of the five tracks, which holds us firmly in its darkness while letting growls and listless guitars haunt the atmosphere, lulling us while occasionally being disturbed by rawer passages.

Wrektomb‘s music envelops us in their veil of haunting darkness, while letting vocal parts and melodies wander here and there on Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing, making the mix disturbing and oppressive. An interesting experience.


English version?

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