Review 2156 : Vrykolakas – Nocturnal Dominion Of Death – English

Vrykolakas brings chaos with their fifth album.

Entitled Nocturnal Dominion Of Death, it comes to life thanks to Andy (vocals), Khairil (guitar/vocals) and Edi (drums), who dedicate it to the Singaporean and international scene.

From the very first seconds of Darkness Consumes the Soul, the band takes us back to the 90s Death Metal scene with thick but catchy riffs, later complemented by solid vocal parts. Loyal listeners will notice a welcome improvement in the mix, conducive to devastation and bloody leads, which continues on the thick Ascension of the Knowledge, with its relentless rhythm punctuated by a few jerky parts framing the surges of rage. The howls darken towards the final, which leads into Foretaste the Divine Wrath, where blast leads the charge of raw Old School sonorities interrupted only by the occasional, very slightly calmer part. The harmonics sow chaos again into the violent waves, and then it’s on to The Forbidden Hope for Death that the musicians relentlessly stomp us, retaining that heady groovy edge while adding a touch of technicality from time to time. Hind’s Vengeance at Uhud kicks off with a foghorn to lead us into the heart of battle, closely followed by warrior choirs accompanying the bellicose riffs that lead to a more soaring finale, but the atmosphere remains heavy on Convenants Leading to Sa’ir, the next track, which this time relies on more modern patterns. Effective moshparts follow naturally in this aggressive climate, then Bilateral Venomous Assault immediately takes over with motivating and devastating riffs that regularly catch fire. A more melodic, disquieting touch appears shortly after the middle of the track, then it’s with the lively From Hellfire Comes the Spawn that the infernal trio unleash all their remaining firepower, whether with their savage double kick, volcanic vociferations or furious riffs.

It’s impossible not to be aware of Vrykolakas‘ evolution. With a thicker and more powerful mix than on previous albums, Nocturnal Dominion Of Death becomes a veritable eruption of Old School fury worthy of the monuments of the 90s!


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