Review 2169 : Leach – New Model Of Disbelief – English

Leach is back in top form.

Hailing from Sweden, the band made up of Markus Wikander (guitar/vocals), Robert Karlsson (guitar), Anders Nordlander (bass) and Joachim Dahlström (drums) intend to make their mark in 2024 with New Model Of Disbelief, their fourth album.

The energetic mix comes to life with Gone To Waste, a vindictive first composition that borrows from Death and Thrash under a modern catchy aegis, letting a few melodies integrate into the choruses beneath the lively screams. It’s easy to imagine yourself in the middle of an overexcited pit before a calmer final that leads to Under Siege and its jerky roots, which remain in the continuity of the first track while incorporating more raw Old School patterns. The album continues in a slightly more moderate direction on Slice Of Life, where the tempo is admittedly slower, but keeps its ardor thanks to heavy, driving riffs reminiscent of the early 2000s, before All Rise again becomes dynamic and adopts a few backing vocals in addition to the heady harmonics. The contrast continues on the lengthy Pulse Of A Revolution, a seven-minute central composition in which the band motivates us to adopt their marching rhythm by creating federative passages and others that are very well crafted, just as on Nocebo, which tempers its violence with more playful patterns that nevertheless fit well with their repertoire. A touch of melancholy pervades the vehement Throw The Torch, which is adorned with some majestic keyboards on its introduction, while adding its powerful basis topped by guitars and vocals. The musicians return to their enthusiastic riffing with the solid Chemical God, a track crammed with modern Industrial-tinged additions, then the album closes with Apathetic with which the band are sure to get their pits moving, leaving us no respite, letting the moshparts speak for themselves.

The return to the late 2000s is assured with Leach, who doesn’t hesitate to mix Thrash, Melodic Death and Metalcore to create a catchy sound! New Model Of Disbelief is sure to get more than a few necks wagging!


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