Review 2186 : Resurge – Resurge from Underneath – English

Resurge unveils its debut album.

Three years after their debut EP, the Portuguese band signed to Miasma Records and made up of three former Underneath members, Luís « Big » Neves (guitar, Inseminated, ex-Brutal Brain Damage), Sérgio Garraio (bass, Embraced by Fall) and Ricardo Neto (drums), accompanied by their new vocalist David Bento, announce the release of Resurge from Underneath, illustrated by Marco Martins (Analepsy, ex-Brutal Brain Damage).

The album opens with Resurge, a chilling intro where the first simple macabre riffs appear, followed by equally effective vocal parts to lead us into the eponymous composition, Resurge from Underneath, where the band significantly speeds up while keeping their heavy jerky Old School approach. The vocalist also lashes out during the livelier parts, but the musicians retain their eerie ambience thanks to the harmonics while they borrow from Death/Thrash to place sharp catchy parts on Blame It on You, the following track, which is sure to free necks. Same feeling on Mindless Greed, where the band remains anchored in their devastatingly aggressive patterns, but leads take on a hint of unexpected madness in contrast to Graft of Reluctance which develops an explosive and relatively heavy rhythm, with a hovering touch from time to time. Entombed in Torment gives us a moment’s respite with a groovy but rather slow sound, then the sinister bell of Circle of Death rings after a growl, initially offering a slow rhythm, but soon igniting quite regularly in its turn, creating energetic moshparts. Vehemence follows, and with such an equivocal title, the sound is bound to be wild and conducive to frenzied headbanging, though with a more moderate break, before The Epitaph closes the album with an oppressive slowness and blood-curdling guitars, before speeding off again and gradually disappearing.

Resurge offers us an aggressive version of Old School Death Metal on Resurge from Underneath. The band doesn’t hold back its riffs, letting them move from angst-ridden ambience to overt brutality.


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