Review 2200 : Vaticinal Rites – Cascading Memories of Immortality – English

Vaticinal Rites announce their debut album!

After a first independent EP in 2021, the band comprising Max Southall (drums), Chris Cleovoulou (guitar), Marcus Broome (vocals) and Andreas Yiasoumi (guitar) sign to Everlasting Spew Records for the release of Cascading Memories of Immortality.

Foiled Skirmish, the first track, immediately sets the tone for a putrid but catchy mix of Old School Death Metal, complemented by raw vocal parts. The band also adds a few screaming leads to its effective rhythm, as on Plead For Termination, where the heady harmonies stand out from the devastating, jerky base that accelerates effortlessly. Asphyxiation Of Ecstasy follows with an ominous sound, complemented by the band’s lively yet dark riffs, which play with the mysterious atmosphere by varying speed, especially during the break, and we also have a very rhythmic approach on Bowels Of Gargantua which offers regular pauses, very useful live to harangue a pit. Siphoning Plasma From The Gods takes off again at full speed with screaming guitars that stand out from the rhythmic blocks, creating occult sounds before Unhinged Cataclysm crushes us in turn, leaving more conventional patterns to work, making us shake our heads under the vociferations of the vocalist. The final solo leads us into Corporeal Affliction, with its massive riffs fed by the suffocating palm-mute we feel in its breathless base, before Eroding Planetesimal offers us a life-saving interlude with its soothing clean sound. However, it’s clear that the musicians aren’t all quiet, and they confirm this with Cascading Memories Of Immortality, which is again tinged with darkness and saturation for this long final track, borrowing influences from more atmospheric styles to complement their latent aggression, which resurfaces in waves.

A first album with a clear identity for Vaticinal Rites, confirming their roots in Old School Death, but also their taste for mystery and disturbing sounds. Cascading Memories Of Immortality is short, but well worth a listen!


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