Review 2204 : Knocked Loose – You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To – English

It’s time to mosh with Knocked Loose!

The band was formed in the USA in 2013 under the name Manipulator, but quickly changes. In early May 2024, Bryan Garris (vocals), Isaac Hale (guitar/vocals), Kevin Otten (bass), Kevin « Pacsun » Kaine (drums) and Nicko Calderon (guitar/vocals) unveiled their third album, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, on Pure Noise Records.

The softness of Thirst‘s introduction gave absolutely no hint of the ultra-saturated savagery that would suddenly explode in our ears. The five musicians unleash their violent, catchy riffs before molesting us once again with Piece By Piece, featuring the vocalist’s hoarse screams over a stirring rhythm section and a heavy ambience packed with groovy moshparts. The aggression continues with Suffocate, where the band welcomes American singer Poppy, who starts screaming along with the vocalist, ignoring her usual modern Electro/Pop influences to reinforce the assault. The onslaught picks up again with Dont Reach For Me, where the sound remains just as powerful and driving with regular eruptions, but the composition also incorporates some more ominous harmonics and a particularly effective bass/drums/vocals passage before the guitars return, then the sound ignites again on the short Moss Covers All, which is literally all rage and hard-hitting riffs with a slight more subtle touch. The melody returns to present Take Me Home, contributing to the spooky atmosphere by remaining present as the rhythm hits before turning to disturbing noise, leaving the intriguing final to lead us into Slaughterhouse 2 where the band welcomes Chris Motionless (Motionless in White) to play the return match. The duo are just as natural and devastating as on the first track of this name released two years ago, but the track is short and gives way to The Calm That Keeps You Awake where the brawl resumes without delay with one moshpart after another. There’s a brief respite towards the end, before the band picks up again with Blinding Faith and its motivating patterns interrupted by furious vociferations, then the band tramples us with Sit & Mourn, where a more melancholic dimension can still be felt in the background, something confirmed by the airy break, which won’t shy away from welcoming its snarling rhythm one last time.

There’s no safe place with Knocked Loose, as the band enjoys spreading its violence at every turn. The machine is well broken in, letting You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To string together moshparts and breaks with frightening naturalness!


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