Review 2205 : Cypecore – Make Me Real – English

Day 1 - 4 - Cypecore

A new mission for the Cypecore battalion.

In 2024, the futuristic German band founded by Nils “Nelson” Lesser (guitar, ex-Beyond the Black), joined by Dominic “Commander” Christoph (vocals), Sebastian “Ex09” Unic (drums, Kâhld, Drakmord) and Pascal “Mechanic” Olejnik (guitar) unveil their fifth album, Make Me Real, in collaboration with Easthaven Records.

Opening as usual with an ominous introduction, they strike first with the massive, catchy riffs of Neoteric Gods, complemented by that savage howl. The dissonant harmonies blend perfectly with the crushing groove and the more sing-songy choruses, creating a real contrast within the track, assuming strong Prog influences before moving on to Pinnacle of Creation, which puts their modern Industrial samples in the spotlight. The atmosphere is relatively heavy and dark as the clean vocals invade the chorus, then the musicians return with almost danceable tones on Doomsday Parade, creating a real surprise with the wilder passages where the vocalist goes wild interspersed with soft parts. Make Me Real adopts a much calmer, more ethereal attitude, turning the eponymous composition into a real ballad tortured by a few groovy riffs and an intense break, then the catchy keyboards return with King of Rats, a very accessible track with a catchy rhythm dominated by clean vocals. There’s a much more aggressive, jerky passage before the final section, then Fragments takes over, returning to lively, energetic patterns while coupling them with their more unifying elements like the various vocal parts. I’ll Be Back will bring out festive Electro tones before welcoming the crushing rhythm, but the two blend strangely well and will sooner or later get pits stirring before giving way to Patient Zero where ferocity is much more to the fore with abrasive touches, reminiscent of the band’s early productions while taking advantage of heady samples before an all-Electro instrumental outro.

Cypecore‘s mutation continues on Make Me Real, where the band adds ever more Prog elements and clean vocals to its wild, bellicose basis. The band builds its sound between Metalcore, Industrial and modern Melodic Death, while making sure to break our necks with powerful riffs.


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