Review 2242 : DVRK – Infinite Reminiscence – English

First steps for DVRK!

Created as a solo project, the band now includes Peter Morgan (vocals), Bastien Deleule (guitar), Gerald Audiard (guitar), Fabien Letren (bass) and Vincent Vidal (drums) for the release of Infinite Reminiscence, their debut EP, out now on Season of Mist.

The first track Distant Roads quickly makes the point: the massive groovy sound and ominous ambience go perfectly well together, and the addition of the screams only adds to the fury of the mix. The band’s only respite is a short final, and then it’s Hip-Hop/Trap influences that announce themselves on Breathless, tinting the track with a catchy modern Beatdown aura, which is confirmed with the unleashed violence that strikes continuously. The track is quite short, as is The Secret, which follows suit with a similar, equally dissonant approach of violent moshparts over which the raw vocal parts explode. The final break crushes us before Paco introduces his hypnotic coldness with soothing guitar and misty cries that fade into the air, eventually ceasing altogether and giving way to Colors, which immediately returns to the controlled savagery of the musicians and their jerky riffs. A succession of bellicose tones then give way to F.A.M., the final track, which regularly explodes to our faces with simple but effective riffs, coupled with that intriguing futuristic ambience.

In less than twenty minutes, DVRK presents us with an aggressive, modern universe that will easily find its place on stage. Infinite Reminiscence remains a little short, but the band’s potential is clear.


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