Review 2246 : Blaze of Perdition – Upharsin – English

Blaze of Perdition returns.

After a few years’ silence, the Polish band led by XCIII (guitar, Piolun, live for M?nbryne), Sonneillon (vocals, Manbryne, ex-Ulcer), Vizun (drums, Abusiveness, Deivos, Manbryne, Ulcer, ex-Parricide) and M.R. (guitar, In Twilight’s Embrace, ex-Bloodthirst) unveil their fifth album, Upharsin.

Wyrd (Manbryne), live bassist/vocalist, also took part in the album’s creation.

W kwiecie rozlamu immediately reveals all the violence of the Poles’ Black Metal while allowing a touch of melancholy in the lead parts that creates a real contrast with the furious vociferations. The slower but equally hazy passages give us a chance to catch our breath before the next blast, before we hear the intriguing sounds of Przez rany, which add a touch of mystery to the soaring rhythm that easily fascinates us. Drums kick in to make the composition more lively, but it keeps its chilling melodies while joining Niezmywalne and its epic yet dark atmosphere that takes us on a journey to the heart of desolation, including short life-saving lulls. The striking final shows us a completely different side of the band’s music with its touches of despair and weeping, then Architekt builds up before our eyes its haunting, majestic approach that slowly creeps into our minds. The track is extremely intense, but the silent break tries to pull us out of this trance, only to plunge us back in, before leading us to Mlot, miecz i bat, which brings the album to a close, infusing it with that occult power that allows the composition to be as ferocious as it is ethereal, while barely containing the devastating howls it regularly releases.

Unsurprisingly, Blaze of Perdition forcibly transports us into its ravaged, dark world, where fury and melancholy come to life. Upharsin isn’t just another Black Metal album, it’s a true no-fail.


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