Review 2250 : Eivør – ENN – English

Eivør invites us to travel.

From an early age, the Faroese singer has allowed herself no limits, exploring musical styles ranging from Rock to Folk, Jazz, Blues, etc. in several languages. In 2024, she announced the release of her new album ENN on Season of Mist, accompanied by a host of musicians on piano, violin, percussion, guitars and other strings.

For this album, Eivør is once again far from being confined to a single genre. Scheduled to headline the Temple at Hellfest Open Air the day after the release of her album to close the day devoted to Folk, I personally expected to hear the musician move towards this universe, but I was wrong. From the enchanting, vaporous keyboards of Ein Klóta, the first track, to the minimalist Electro/Pop ambience of Jarðartrá, the following track, one might struggle to find coherence. But it becomes clearer with the almost Rock atmosphere of Hugsi Bert Um Teg, and the infinite gentleness of Purpurhjarta: the artist’s voice knows how to guide us wherever she wishes. We are then hypnotized by Enn, the eponymous composition with its heady effects, then by the harmonics of Lívsandin, where the worlds blend with a hint of mystery, again carried by the bewitching voice. The NeoFolk roots of Upp Úr Øskuni darken the previously quiet atmosphere, revealing an increasingly majestic sound, before the pressure drops again with Gaia, the final track, which allows the band to close the album under its soothing veil, just as it began.

As coherent as versatile, Eivør‘s universe is plural, allowing the vocalist to explore a wide range of musical terrain. ENN offers us eight different sonic experiences that will appeal to a wide range of listeners as we wait to express ourselves on stage.


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