Review 2255 : Embryonic Autopsy – Origins of the Deformed – English

Let’s dissect Embryonic Autopsy‘s new work.

Two years after their debut album, the American band formed by Tim King (vocals, Oppressor, SOiL), Scott Roberts (guitar, Mantors, The Secret VI), Kenxi (bass) and Marco Fimbres (drums, Khaotika) unveil Origins of the Deformed on Massacre Records.

We begin with the ominous introduction of Dripping In The Vaginal Nectar, a first track that honors Brutal Death’s codes with its massive vociferations and raw, sometimes jerky rhythm. Piercing leads add a touch of anguish, then the riffs take off again, leading us into Orgies Of The Inseminated, which establishes an oppressive atmosphere while keeping pure and continuous violence. The mix remains relatively catchy before slowing down to give way to Human Vessel Of Alien Hybrids, where the musicians adopt a more imposing than virulent approach, in contrast to Dissolving In Acidic Afterbirth, which returns to savagery while also deploying a few more dissonant elements. The album continues with Spewed Forth Into Chunks, which offers us a brief moment’s respite before unleashing the beasts at a frantic pace under blast fire, allowing the abrasive riffs to express themselves in the company of screams. The greasy Old School feel is maintained with Self-Inflicted C-Section, which seems to erase any trace of the word “mercy” from the band’s vocabulary, but the track is short, and so is The Conjoined Must Perish, which serves up a similar recipe with a few stifling slowdowns. The groovy bass/drums final leads to the dark Cleopatra’s Spawn, where the violence comes only after a moment’s letdown, but it will give rise to screaming leads to march with the steamroller to the powerful Carnivorous Abortion, where chopped, under-tuned riffs rain down under a mix that makes them even heavier. The solo offers some more ethereal influences, then the album closes with The Curse Of Madame Pele and its eerie softness created by a few notes of clear but misty sound, something quite surprising, I must confess.

Embryonic Autopsy‘s Death Metal is definitely rooted in the most brutal Old School vein, but you can feel that the band doesn’t shy away from other inspirations, giving Origins of the Deformed a few more surprising touches.


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