Review 2257 : Cognitive – Abhorrence – English

Violence has found a master in Cognitive.

Somewhere between Technical Death and Deathcore, Rob Wharton (guitar, ex-Waking the Cadaver), Harry Lannon (guitar, live for Revocation), Shane Jost (vocals, Proceed on Your Way to Oblivion), Tyler Capone-Vitale (bass, Void Reaver, ex-Burn the Empire) and AJ Viana (drums, Hath) release Abhorrence, their fifth album, on Metal Blade Records.

Brutality starts right from Abhorrence, the first composition, which develops a jerky, extremely powerful rhythm and gripping refrains bordering on clear vocals. The track literally rolls over us with a hint of technicality, then gives way to Insidious, which accelerates to complete the inevitable violence, integrating catchy moshparts and asserting its Deathcore influences. A Pact Unholy follows with a similar approach, covering us in blasts and picking up the piercing vocals on the chorus, creating a contrast with the usual vociferations while crushing us on the final, which leads to Ivory Tower and its overpowering riffs that only allow us a moment’s respite with the solo towards the end. We frantically go back to As the Light Fades with its piercing leads and airy harmonics that work in tandem with the impressive palm mute, taking us off at full speed before the melodic final leaves us behind before Savor the Suffering takes its place, returning to the heaviness and blast bursts bringing automatic rifles  to mind. The killer break is definitely shaped for live performance, as is the devastating introduction to Containment Breach, the next track, which wastes no time in molesting us in its turn with raw riffs with wrought influences. The technical spikes finally give way to the groove of Rorschach, which sweeps over us and makes us want to break our necks as much as to mosher under this motivating sound before the more Prog break, which still lets the violence finish its course. Lunar Psychopathy follows with similar patterns including the solo, but it’s a short track, and Cold Dead Hands brings the album to a close with a final fix of unbridled violence in a mix of modern and Old School tones.

Cognitive‘s riffs are far from dull. With Abhorrence, the band even confirms that their blend remains just as violent and effective, while improving on their previous outburst. I can’t wait to witness it live!


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