Review 2260 : AlNamrood – Al Aqrab – English

AlNamrood is in revolt.

Active since 2008 in Saudi Arabia, the band lives for obvious reasons in the greatest secrecy, defying religion. In 2024, Mephisto (guitar/bass/percussion), Ostron (keyboards/percussion) and Artiya’il (vocals) unveil Al Aqrab, their ninth album.

The album opens with the martial sound of Ardh Bela Sama, where oriental Folk influences already tint darkness before welcoming furious vociferations. The catchy mix creates a truly harmonious contrast between all the elements, before giving way to the rage of Lisan Al Nar where the vocals become more impressive, going hand in hand with the heady riffs. Aqarib Al Petra then plunges us into a melancholic atmosphere, hypnotizing us with a slower approach, but saturation and violence are never far from this haunting dance, completing it with their abrasive tones. Taht Al Jeld offers disquieting, yet soft and crystalline tones, intriguing our minds before moving on to Al Ghasasina, whose similar introduction gives way to its rawer, breathless rhythm, but also to some playful patterns that will join Diar Al Anbat, the next composition. Both livelier and wilder, the track remains anchored in danceable Folk roots, but the final lets it lose itself in slowness, leading us to Abwab Edom and its devastating Old School touches, within which the vocal eruptions live more intensely. The lengthy Al Jurm Al Madfoon adds a more majestic touch while developing sharp harmonics with their jerky touch, then it’s with Tarjif that the trio closes its album thanks to a higher tempo where the instrumental is obviously more hostile, also integrating heavy leads.

AlNamrood‘s unique touch once again depicts the extreme difference between Black Metal and strong Eastern influences. Al Aqrab is both a warrior anthem and a further demonstration of the trio’s courage.


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