Review 2262 : Nyrak – Devourer Of All – English

Nyrak releases its second album.

Two years after their debut, the Belgian band comprising Nevel (guitar/orchestrations, Gotmoor), Bram Veldeman (drums), Lukas Risbourg (guitar/vocals, Serpents Oath, Crypts of Dusk) and Sven Van Laere (guitar, Patroness, Warbeast Remains) announce Devourer Of All on Phoenix Mortis Productions.

An ominous piano opens the doors to The Eyes of Time, where we find ourselves thrown into this infernal symphony between demonic howls and Old School basis topped by majestic orchestrations. The break gives us a moment’s respite before the fiery ballet resumes, leading us on to Devourer Of All and its sharp leads that occasionally give way to melancholic elements in the background, giving the rhythm a totally different flavor. The track is again split in two to redouble its intensity before welcoming Candlelight and its intoxicating quietude, which transforms into imposing, controlled fury under those devastating waves of double pedal. Duller tones are also heard in the keyboards, before the musicians return with the tenebrous Lament and its cloud of dissonant darkness which nonetheless allows harmonics to express themselves, adding a touch of intensity to the hazy basis. The instrumental passage tinges the rhythm with heavy influences before Ocean of Lies unveils its gripping riffs to complete its quasi-permanent aggression, leaving a few slower passages to create a hint of anguish. An attempt at a lull makes the mix even more theatrical before Meaningless delivers its suffocating slowness, making this haunting veil a real burden that we carry right through to The Abstract Shape of Life, which once again drapes itself in pessimistic nostalgia to accompany us on the album’s final moments, where even the rage seems lost.

Nyrak‘s majestic sound evolves and adopts different tonalities on Devourer Of All. While the band’s ability to handle aggression is perfect, they are also capable of bewitching us with a more haunting or majestic sound.


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