Review 2269 : Assimilator – Expelled into Suffering – English

Assimilator continues its journey with a new EP.

To celebrate their signing with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, the American band first known as LazerWulf, then Death on Fire until 2022 and made up of Tim Kenefic (guitar/vocals), David Sueoka (bass/vocals), Tyler Witte (drums) and Noah Werner (guitar) unveil Expelled into Suffering in 2024, illustrated by Dahmer Art (Gutalax, Becerus, Coffinrot…).

Expelled Into Suffering begins with howls of terror, but it doesn’t take long for the groovy Thrash-tinged Death Metal roots to hit us with simple but catchy patterns. The vocal parts go hand in hand with the aggression, whether slow and heavy or sharp and piercing, just as on Nocturnal Forge, which incorporates slightly more complex elements while keeping an energetic Old School dynamic and a jerky approach. The fury takes a more chaotic form on Changeling, a composition that relies on accelerations and screaming lead parts, as on this solo before the final section, then I Am already rushes us to the end of the EP with its heavy but heady basis to which the band adds a few more strident eruptions of rage, but also keyboards in the background.

Expelled into Suffering is a little too short to be fully appreciated, although its potential is palpable. We feel that Assimilator know how to infuse their Death Metal riffs, and we expect more!


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