Review 2276 : Spawned From Hate – Elective Amputation – English

Spawned From Hate resume their massacre.

After two EPs and a demo, the English band comprising David Hudson (bass), Daniel Phipps (vocals) and Ewan Gibb (guitar, Beautician, Vortices), assisted by Giulio Galati (drums, Nero Di Marte, ex-Hideous Divinity) unveil Elective Amputation, their debut album, on Brutal Mind.

Unchained Unbound kicks things off with a bang, alternating double kick and blast under massive riffs and screams, as well as some scathing harmonics that give their Brutal Death an eerie edge. The track becomes more jerky in its second half, leading to the similar violence of Butcher My Master, the next composition, where the musicians martyr their instruments to deliver a veritable wave of pure violence. Intravenous Violation follows on to complete the band’s constant outburst of rage with a catchy groove, as does the stunner Bane Consumption, which assumes the explosive messy Old School approach that makes it so powerful. The album continues with the unhealthy Oppressor, which offers a slightly slower but much more suffocating sound where the combo enjoys slipping in screaming leads and possessed howls, but speed resurfaces on the spasmodic PDU, which pours out all its elements without giving us a single moment’s respite. The band progresses to Hereditary Hatred, a track relatively similar to the previous one, but with more complex patterns, then to Supreme Being, where we recognize the influence of the American scene and its almost unlimited striking power, whether at full speed or more slowly, then the album ends with Elective Amputation, the eponymous composition, which doesn’t spare the musicians by offering an ultra-high tempo to match the violence.

Spawned From Hate has found an effective recipe, and the band applies it with ease. Elective Amputation is of course all about pure violence, but the musicians don’t hold back when it comes to adding a few welcome touches of heaviness or technicality to the album’s rhythm.


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