Review 2290 : Cranial Disorder – Congenital Depravity – English

Cranial Disorder asserts its riffs.

After a demo in 2022, the Indonesian band comprising Max (vocals), Alan (guitar), Ijakul (bass) and Faruk (drums) signed to Lethal Scissor Records for the release of Congenital Depravity, their debut album.

Kobar Bumi‘s ominous vocal sample offers an experience bordering on supernatural, but raw violence soon arrives with The Remained Lust, which unfurls its Brutal Death roots before welcoming the saturated vocals. The Old School mix perfectly matches the track’s aggression, as do the technical spikes found on Perpetual Dismemberment, with its relentless blast coupled with greasy vociferations and bloody harmonics. It’s easy to get caught up in the spiral of violence that continues with Period of Atrocity, where the band concentrates on an effective, jerky rhythm that’s relatively conducive to headbanging, with numerous moshparts. Don’t expect Inebriated Flesh to slow down the pace, as the only moment of respite is the introduction where the name of the track is shouted, then the band returns to their usual pace to molest us until Exalting the Perversion, which picks up exactly where its predecessor left off. Changes of pace provide vicious acceleration before Compulsive Savagery begin to trample us with their brutal approach, slowing down at times to become heavier and thicker. The album comes to a close with Traitor, where the band also show themselves to be more technical at times, while letting the groove crush us when necessary.

Cranial Disorder have no trouble drawing on the American scene to create catchy riffs in keeping with their style, making Congenital Depravity a little nugget for fans of Old School Brutal Death.


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