Review 005 : Obszön Geschopf – Highway Of Horrors – English

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Since 1996, Remzi Kelleci gave birth Obszön Geschopf, a stagging child addicted to speed. Inspired by EBM and Industrial metal, Remzi‘s project grows up in underground scene, and created not long ago a US tour and currently some shows in the whole Europe.

Highway of Horrors is the 6th OG’s record, but the first one with his label, Cemetary Records. The voice is performed by Remzi (he composes every OG’s material), therefore guitars and bass are recorded by Matthieu Merklen, Mercyless‘ bass player.
Once again, OG’s recipe is the same over the years : gloomy ambiant inspired by horror movies (with references in the lyrics), heavy riffs as hell, and keyboards for EBM’s groove.

Obszon Geschopf - Highway Of Horrors

The voice is a blend of whispering and beyong the grave scream. Add a gore visual style and cover, and you can see Obszön Geschopf‘s imaging.
The last song, Painkiller, is a cover of Judas Priest‘s classic hit, with a dark style.
If you like old school gore movies from the 70s-80s, black and offbeat humour, my advice is to check it as soon as possible !
It’s a really good musical alien as we would like to hear more.


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