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Since 2008, Nantes » Metal scene is regularely shaken by War Inside‘s forceful shows. In 2011 they released a demo, then their first album, Welcoming the Crow, three years later. Even if Thomas, the singer, is also in Regarde Les Hommes Tomber since the end of 2014, their will remain unchanged, and S.U.T.U.R.E is the proof.

War Inside‘s influences are between Behemoth and Dissection, and we can obviously feel it in their music. There’s no theatrical elements but they don’t need it. The artwork is voluntary dark and hard to understand because most of the elements are from afar.

S.U.T.U.R.E. - War Inside

Demiurge, first extract of the record, is a brutal and uncompromising entrance. We are (by will or force) into the album. Behemoth could have start with a long mystical intro, but War Inside stand out by something brutal. Lyrics are about the choices of the character. The Milgram Whore focuses on Black Metal’s dark sound instead of Death Metal. Quick and disturbing, this song is cryptic but also very important for the follow up of the record.
Body Bones is nothing less than raw power. We could think that Demiurge is the epitome of violence, but Body Bones is here to tell us no, they can do stronger and better. Name Us Defective offer two voices : Thomas‘ one obviously, but also Malkavian‘s Romaric Lamare one. The universe switches a bit : we’re now in Sweden, when the firsts Melodic Death Metal albums are born, with this powerful featuring. The song is heavy and catchy, but so melodic.
Penance is an instrumental song. There’s absolutely no voice, just technical elements. Utimate proof, even if we already know it, that the guys are talented and love what they do. On Cold As Dead, the voice returns, but can be surprising. The song starts slowly, we can feel a pernicious ambiant that slowly moving in. It becomes quicker to reach its pinnacle on a cataclysmic end. Maggots On Candies stays in the brutal steps of Demiurge, but with the unsane ambiant.
Connivance (the second extract) will be as respectable as Maggots On Candies, while Rictus acts as the apotheosis of the album. This title, in addition to be highly catchy, got an Homeric power when you really got it. Maybe you can try to listen to it when you’re tired while running.
With this masterpiece, War Inside re-impose that they are fully part of the Black-Death Metal scene. They are a growing solid value from France ! We just have to wait for some shows to discover the songs on stage, for those who couldn’t be at the release party.



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