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Created in 2013 by Paul Thureau (guitar/voice) to pay tribute to Ancient Greece, Gorgon plays Symphonic Death Metal that reminds Septicflesh to the classicists. Quickly gathered by Aurel Hamoniaux (bass) and Julien Amiot (guitar), but also by Hervé (drums) who needs to left the band, and who is replaced by Aurélien Joucla (from Qantice) on stage.

After some years of wait, they record Titanomachy, an epic monument composed of Hades’ powerful riffs, Hephaïstos’ drums, vocals worth of Zeus’ Thunder and Apollon’s orchestrations. Beware to travel in time !

Gorgon - Titanomachy

Oros Othry leads us into the battle’s beginning. You can easily imagine hoplite’s lines stand up against demon’s army for Arising Thunderlord‘s awakening. This song is a true steamroller, this song was recorded in 2014 and really sums up the entiere band. Powerful and quick riffs, well positionned orchestrations to sublime the track , and Paul Thureau‘s voice seems to guide warriors to their fateful destiny.
Valley Of Redemption is a bit darker, but is an equally effective way than the previous one. Lead guitar parts highlight the army’s march to the long road that lead them to Ashes and Blood. This track was unveil with the lyrics video that perfectly describes the band’s universe. Orchestrations and mythological allusions perfectly keep going to Titans Unleashed. It’s my own favorite track. We can really visualise warriors walking on to musician’s agonizing riffs.
Oracles is a transitional title composed of orchestration tones before fighting on Everlasting Flame of Olympus. It’s now the Mount Olympus that the gerrk army assaults, and once again orchestral parts (lead by Paul Thureau) will make more courageaous as they break necks by powerful riffs.
The last song, Elysium, is the longest one, with around eleven minutes. The band just grow their sound to the top on orchestral parts to make this song an epic saga. Solos and lead guitar parts highlight with respect to orchestration parts to finish on the high note. This track is a pure masterpiece.
If you’re into powerful Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dimmu Borgir and Rhapsody of Fire tracks and you don’t even listen to Gorgon, you know what to do !


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