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From the ashes of Divine Heresy, Westfield Massacre was born at the end of 2014. Time changes the band a bit, but influences are still here. Tommy Vext (voice), Ira Black (guitar), Stephen Brewer (guitar), Erik Tsinger (bass) and Dio Britto (drums) gather to a common goal : give American Metal scene a fresh face and a new spirit.

Do you like fast riffs, powerful voice and unbelievable beliefs ? Okay, you’re on the right CD. Their first full-length includes every element. Grab your headphones, and here we go !

Westfield Massacre - Westfield Massacre

March Into Extinction is an uprising with keyboards/sampler to Darkness Divide. First video clip, this song is in my opinion the best representative song, and the catchiest one. Let’s switch to Respect Resistance, including choirs to improve the cohesive part of the band. Underneath the Skin (featuring D. Randall « Randy » Blythe from Lamb Of God) stays in the fast and powerful aspect, but Randy Blythe‘s voice fits perfectly to Tommy Vext‘s one.
Alchemy starts with some samplers to increase pressure before Time To Rise unleashes all the riff’s power. Build Your Thrones (with a video clip !) is quite calm until the prechorus that perfectly announces the whole track. Honorable Discharge got some well made riffs, and should be federative on stage. A bit slower than the others, it offers a rest until The Purple Heart, introduction to Loretta.
Loretta is now an hymn for the band. It’s the most emotional song, it really shakes us from the inside and one of the most energic. Release the Cure is quieter because of the chorus, but the riff reminds me Divine Heresy‘s golden age. Consumation of Disgrace stays in the band’s mold, violent but also with melodic parts. A very good choice to close this record with a sampler.
Westfield Massacre just drops out their record, but their tracks are already know by everyone and people is already ready for the next one. This young band made an awesome first step into Metal scene. A must seen on stage !


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