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After a little break, I’m finally back with some personal decisions and thoughs, and it’s time to be back to the normal rythm with this brand new stuff from the land of the Rising Sun. Nocturnal Bloodlust is a rule breaking band. A gore and dark imaging, their sound is a mix between Visual Kei and Deathcore, with a really awesome voice.

Created in 2009 on the ashes of Bardiche, the remaining members give birth to Nocturnal Bloodlust, deeply ingrained on the Deathcore movement. After some line-up changes, they’re now composed of Natsu (drums), Masa (bass), Cazqui (guitar), Daichi (guitar) and Hiro (voice). They drop their last pearl this year and named it ZeTeS. If you’re not afraid of the sound singularity, follow me guys !

ZeTeS - Nocturnal Bloodlust

ZeTeS, the eponymous track is an introduction. Some whispers, an announce in the style of Horror Circus/The Nightmare Before Christmas, the sounds finally enters. Heavy and disturbing, the guys immediately impose us their universe. Now let’s make a way for Malice Against. A solid rythm part, an epic lead guitar, and Hiro‘s insane voice. He is able to scream as sharp as a demon and as deep as Hell, this guy really gives the band its identity.
EXCEED, a highly catchy track due to the rythm section, makes everyone think the same about Hiro‘s voice. Alternating clean and saturated vocals on both extreme part, Hiro will subjugate us once again. After a quick sax part on the beginning of NG +, the rythm part enters it’s the heavuest track from this EP. Their skills on extended strings instruments (5 string bass and 7 strings guitars) serve the sound perfectly, with insane harmonics too. This song was make to let us understand that Nocturnal Bloodlust has no reason to envy anyone on the Deathcore scene.
Deep Inside has Visual Kei influences, the band’s other root, with a lead guitar part and also some lead bass tones. A different track, but however very interesting to listen to ! The Strengh I Need has a soft sound to begin, then comes back on a heavy breakdown with demon screams. Thereafter, this EP includes the instrumental version of Malice Against, and two previously released but re-recorded and remastered tracks : Rebellion and A Bullet Of Skyline.
Key songs in the band’s discography, but to be honest with a bad and old sound, the band decided to record them again for us. It’s a pleasure to hear the music box from the gloomy universe of Rebellion, that alternates sordid whispers, heavy rythm parts and screams to finish on a mesmerizing piano. Even if the song is just four years old, A Bullet Of Skyline really needed a youthful boost. A perfect sound, a voice that really reflects what is the band’s sound now, without a single change on the composition. The track is the same.
I discovered this band recently, and it’s with a huge pleasure that I will see them for their first european tour in Paris. Someone into powerful and original sound ? You won’t waste your time !


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