Review: With Heavy Hearts – In Silence – English

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With Heavy Hearts are striking again with In Silence, their new song.

Three years after their last track, Adam Svensson (vocals), Emil Gustavsson (guitar), Magnus Källström (bass) and Pontus Lundstedt (drums) offers us their sound again in the purest tradition of Swedish music!

A jerky rhythmic, modern ambiences and powerful screams, here is what you will hear from this song at first! Melting despair and massive riffs, it is the perfect middle ground between a Swedish-sounding Melodic Death Metal and dynamic Metalcore. It won’t be long before you shake your head in rhythm. A massive break will create the track’s climax before a cold sample that leads us to this catchy chorus again.

2020 is the year of With Heavy Hearts’ crushing comeback! Between Old School Melodic Death Metal and modern sound, the band know where they’re heading and allows us to hope for a sophomore album in the same vein!


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